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Triangle-shaped Tea Bags
Triangle-shaped tea bags The pyramid tea bag is also known as the triangle-shaped tea bag. It is a sealed tea packaging bag made from a porous, heat-resistant tea bag mesh.  It looks like an attention-grabbing little pyramid shape. Compared with traditional tea bags, the tetrahedron-shaped construction ensures reliable and stable storage. The pyramid mesh tea bag contains the right amount of loose-leaf tea that can be dipped into boiling water. When brewing, the tea leaves could remain relatively intact in the tea bag, rather than being crushed. The aesthetic appearance and good brewing experience make triangle tea bags popular among tea lovers. pyramid tea bags are easy to carry and brew, which makes them easier for retailers to transport and sell. This is especially true for single-serve tea products, such as green tea, scented tea, loose-leaf tea, tea blends, herbal tea, etc. The Basic Knowledge About Pyramid Tea Bags Yet many of us are still unaware of the features of pyramid tea bags.  Here, we have answered some questions consumers are concerned about the pyramid tea sahcets. To help you better run the tea bag packaging business. Are pyramid tea bags safe? Tea bag producers often use roll stock films made of nylon, non-woven fabric, and PLA to mass-produce pyramid tea bags. Nylon. Nylon is made of polyamide, which is a synthetic polymer–a plastic material. It’s heat resistant, so it’s often used in food packaging. The FDA has stated that polyamide is safe for use in contact with food. However, Nylon isn’t biodegradable. Non-woven. The non-woven mesh is made from polypropylene, which is a less polluting material when discarded and decomposes faster. PLA. It is a kind of corn-based plastic, which means it is a completely degradable synthetic fiber derived from plants. They are all very stable and can stay in hot water for a long time without releasing harmful chemicals into the water. Moreover, it is also associated with how tea bags are produced. Sealing them ultrasonically has become mainstream and doesn’t require sealant anymore. Note that tea bags generally have a shorter shelf life of less than one year. After this point, the color or flavor of the tea may be affected. Pyramid tea bags vs regular, which one is better? Regular rectangular tea bags appeared earlier and have been known for a long time, like the Lipton tea bags. Pyramid tea bags first appeared in Japan and have been gradually accepted in recent years. Both of them are disposable single-serve tea bags. The ease of carrying and use is their main benefit. But, what tea bag shape is best?  Obviously, The pyramid tea bags have more advantages. Qualityof tea. Traditional tea bag is a flat bag with smaller capacity, suitable for containing broken tea and tea dust.  It produces a lower brewed tea taste like dusty. Pyramid bags, on the other hand, have a larger internal space and are suitable for packing high quality whole leaf tea. This give you a more pure brewed tea broth. More tea flavors.Pyramid bags are suitable for packing variousloose leaf tea, such as fruit tea, flower tea, and blending tea, etc. Bringing more tea flavors to consumers. Better brewing effect. The larger internal space allowstea leaves movingfreely in pyramid bag. And the porous mesh structure also allows the hot water to flow on its own. As a result, the flavor of the tea leaves can be fully released into the cup. It is no different from brewing loose leaf tea with a tea set. Whereas regular dip tea bags have limited space. Tea leaves are not always released quickly when brewed.  This increases the wait time for tea drinkers. Goodlooking. Pyramid tea bag with compact and beautiful appearance. After packing, you can observe the tea leaves inside thepyramid tea bag. It is great for personal use, and even better as gifts. How much tea is in a pyramid tea sachet? Compared to traditional regular tea bags, the pyramid tea bags offer more internal space and can hold more tea leaves. In general, a single triangle tea bag can be filled with 1 tablespoon of tea, which is about 2-3 grams in weight.Considering the fluffiness of different tea leaves and the size of the tea leaf particles, we provide the following reference data:Broken tea: 3.5-4 grams.Whole leaf tea: 2 grams.Fruit Tea: 3 grams.Black tea/green tea: 2.5-3 grams.
Square Tea Bag
Square Tea Bag StyleFor most tea drinkers, tea is equally enjoyed when brewed in tea bags or loose leaf tea. The square tea bag is actually a small and porous tea bag that is used to steep tea. It can be filled with tea leaves and heat-sealed into 3 side seal pouch or 4 side seal pouch.Strings and labels can be attached to rectangular tea bags. Just like the Lipton tea bags. It makes it easier to remove them from the brewing cup. Meanwhile, the label can bear the information for types of tea and your private tea label.These disposable tea bags made of compostable filter paper are ideal for packing materials with small particles, such as CTC black tea, fine cut Green tea, broken tea, desiccant, etc.Brewing GuideA tablespoon of loose tea is about 2 grams, just fit into one square tea bag. You need to pour approximately 8 ounces(240 ml) of boiling water into the mug. Add the drawstring tea filter bag and steep for 2-3 minutes, and enjoy and repeat.The Basic Knowledge About Square Tea BagsLastly, we have gathered a great deal about square tea bags.  You will be able to learn more with this information and become an expert in the field!What is the ratio of tea bag to water?Depending on the type of tea, the amount of water can range anywhere from 2 ounces to 5 ounces.In general, the rule of thumb is to use 1 tea bag for every 8 ounces of water.This will result in a tea that is strong enough to enjoy, but not so strong that it becomes bitter. What is the weight of tea bag?The answer to this question depends on the size of the tea bag.A standard square tea bag typically contains between 2- 3 grams of tea leaves, which allows for a full-flavored cup of tea without being too bitter.By the way, Square tea bags are generally used for Fragment Tea, while triangular ones are typically used to package loose-leaf tea.Are there any differences between tea bags and loose leaf tea?Square tea bags tend to be made of lower quality leaves, while loose leaf teas are not.Loose leaf tea is made from whole tea leaves, which are allowed to steep for a longer period of time in order to release their flavor. This results in a richer, more nuanced cup of tea. In contrast, square tea bags are typically made from lower-quality tea leaves that have been chopped into smaller pieces. This means that they release their flavor more quickly, resulting in a weaker cup of tea. However, square tea bags are more convenient and easier to use, so there is a tradeoff. Ultimately, it depends on your preferences as to which type of tea you prefer.Are filter paper tea bags bleached?Filter paper tea bags are made of natural fibrous materials such as wood pulp or vegetable pulp.In general, natural filter paper have not been treated with any bleach. They take on a natural brown, wood like color. Hence the name “unbleached”The bright white paper tea bags that we see most often, on the other hand, must be bleached. Chlorine and oxygen bleaching are the two most common methods for bleaching tea bags. By the way, chlorine bleaching can result in small amounts of toxic chlorine compounds remaining on the tea bag paper.Can filter paper tea bags be composted?Of course, filter paper tea bags are made of biodegradable organic plant fibers and are free of plastic and metal. It is biodegradable. However, it should be noted that tea bags use glue to seal the bags. Since these glues contain plastic sealants like polypropylene, they will take longer to biodegrade.
The Basic Requirements Of Tea Bag Filter Paper Selection
China is the hometown of tea, and tea has a history of thousands of years. But with the changing times, teabags have attracted more and more people's attention with their simple and efficient features. The popularity of teabags is bound to be accompanied by the popularity of tea filter paper.As the most important packaging material for teabags, the selection of teabag filter paper is very important, it is related to the quality of tea bags. During the brewing process, the teabag filter paper must not be broken, and the active ingredients in the tea must also quickly diffuse into the teacup. This requires that the tea bag filter paper must have the following characteristics:1. Odorless and non-toxic, in line with international food hygiene requirements.2. The pore size requirements of the tea bag filter paper meet the standards. The active substances in the tea must diffuse out quickly.3. Tea bags will not crack when brewed at high temperatures.Only by satisfying the above points can teabags develop better and better.
Tea Bag Filter Paper
Teabag is the most popular way of drinking tea in the world. Although history is not long, it develops rapidly. The current sales volume has accounted for about 50% of the world's tea trade volume. Tea in bags is the most popular in developed countries in Europe and America. According to reports, more than 80% of the tea in Canada, Italy, Holland, France, and other countries is consumed in the form of tea in bags, and the United Kingdom and the United States have also reached about 80%. However, due to the late development of Chinese teabags and the influence of traditional tea-drinking habits, the consumption of teabags in China only accounts for about 2% of the total sales of tea. With the improvement of people's living standards and the diversification of consumption forms, teabags are gradually favored by more and more people because of their quantitative, hygienic, convenient, and fast characteristics.  Tea filter paper is the most basic packaging material for teabags. According to the different sealing forms, it can be divided into heat-seal tea bag filter paper and non-heat-seal tea bag filter paper. Heat-seal tea filter paper is mainly composed of one or more polypropylene fiber, PET fiber, nylon, and plant fiber. In recent years, some companies have also used corn fiber to prepare heat-sealed tea bag filter paper. Non-heat-seal tea bag filter paper is mainly made of hemp pulp or hemp pulp and wood pulp. Because its raw material is completely made of plant fiber, it has soft and uniform paper quality, high dry and wet strength, fast water filtration speed, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, and can be used as a filter paper. Biodegradable, it is a green environmental protection product that meets food hygiene standards. At present, the international market is mainly dominated by non-heat-seal tea bag filter paper.
The "Non Heat Seal Tea Bag Filter Paper" Standard Drafted By The Company Became The "Made In Zhejiang" Standard
The Zhejiang Provincial Brand Construction Federation issued a notice on the approval of the "Made in Zhejiang" standard "Non-heat-seal tea bag filter paper", and the heat-seal tea bag filter paper" standard drafted by the company has become the "Made in Zhejiang" standard. Effective from November 1, 2019.