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The Basic Requirements Of Tea Bag Filter Paper Selection


China is the hometown of tea, and tea has a history of thousands of years. But with the changing times, teabags have attracted more and more people's attention with its simple and efficient features. The popularity of teabags is bound to be accompanied by the popularity of tea filter paper.

As the most important packaging material for teabags, the selection of teabag filter paper is very important, it is related to the quality of teabags. During the brewing process, the teabag filter paper must not be broken, and the active ingredients in the tea must also quickly diffuse into the teacup. This requires that the tea bag filter paper must have the following characteristics:
1. Odorless and non-toxic, in line with international food hygiene requirements.
2. The pore size requirements of the tea bag filter paper meet the standards. The active substances in the tea must diffuse out quickly.
3. Tea bags will not crack when brewed at high temperature.
Only by satisfying the above points can teabags develop better and better.